Archive April 16, 2020

BidFire’s Heating Up!


It seems like everyday is an adventure here at BidFire!

We launched BidFire 2.0 back in May, and have since been testing and tweaking round-the-clock and, thanks to the dedication of our engineering team, we’ve been able to address a few software issues in order to improve our patented Campfire® Auction Platform.

Some of you have noticed a few of the subtle changes we’ve made over the past few weeks, the most exciting of which being a schedule featuring more frequent auctions!  That’s right!  At BidFire, we’ve been fine-tuning our technology in order to bring you even more opportunities to win.

Another way we’ve decided to increase your chances of winning is by no longer counting BidPacks towards Win Limits.  That means that you are able to win as many BidPacks as you can, without those wins preventing you from participating in auctions for other products.  However, there is still the limit of three wins per seven days on those other, non-BidPack auctions.

Summer has been heating up and so have our products!  Since the debut of Wishlist Wednesday two weeks ago, we’ve premiered a whole host of new items previously unavailable on our site.  All because you suggested them!  Hearing from our users helps us continue to bring you the best possible competitive shopping experience.

As always, we thank you for your feedback and continued support in helping make BidFire a leader in the competitive shopping market.

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