Archive December 18, 2020

TRI It, You’ll Like It!

TRI It, You'll Like It!

Yet again, BidFire is shaking things up by auctioning off a Felt S32 2101 TT/Triathlon Bike!

We love innovation!  Felt Bicycles are the creation of one Jim Felt, a former motocross mechanic who, in 1989, built a one-off Time Trial/ Triathlon frame as a favor to one of his star motocross racers.  Johnny “The O-Show? O’Mara raced in triathlons as a way to stay fit for motocross.  In 1990 O’Mara won the California State Time Trial upon that one-off Felt frame and it wasn’t long before Easton Sports contacted Jim Felt and racing bikes would forever be changed.  You can learn even more about the company here.

Why are we so excited?  Well, at BidFire, we like to think of ourselves as an innovator in the field of competitive shopping, much like Mr. Felt was in the field of competitive cycling.  In celebration of the spirit of innovation, we are offering you an opportunity to win this amazing bike on our website!  How cool is that?

The Felt S32 is a quality bike:

TRI It, You'll Like It!

Custom butted and shaped aluminum Superlite tubing and a carbon fiber aero fork deliver top-shelf aerodynamic performance at an affordable price. With an aero seatpost and wheelset, plus a Tri/TT-specific handlebar extension and base, the S32 makes training and racing more enjoyable—and faster.

There are several cycling enthusiasts here at BidFire, one of whom happens to ride a Felt.  We’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy this bike as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you!

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