Get Ready for the Next Phase of BidFire’s Evolution

Get Ready for the Next Phase of BidFire’s Evolution


You thought BidFire was awesome….just wait until you see the next phase of BidFire! We’ve been fine-tuning our technology since the launch of the current BidFire and have come up with a whole new way to play and even more ways to win!

In order to launch the new site, we’ve decided to offer evening auctions through Sunday. Starting on today, auctions will begin at 5:30pm PT. There will be fewer auctions as we transition our site but want to make sure there are still plenty of chances to win!

We will also be offering our current customers a chance to participate in our new site’s private Beta. If you would like to take part, we will be offering limited seats at first but will open up more as time goes on.

Everyone at BidFire is Super Excited about BidFire’s evolution and can’t wait until you all get to experience what lies around the corner!

Stay tuned on Bidfire’s facebook and twitter pages for the latest updates and announcements.

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